The research activities of the Robot Sensor and Human-Machine Interactive Lab are mainly focused on the study of parallel mechanisms and articulated robotic hands — two areas in which the laboratory has already gained international recognition. Since 1990, the research team has produced numerous technical achievements. The research carried out in the Robotics Laboratory is funded by the major funding agencies such as the National “863” High Technology Robot Programs, National natural Science foundation.

Meanwhile,the laboratory has also been involved in research contracts with organizations such as Government agencies and ministries, General Administration of Sport of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R.C. Most of research achievements have been successful and honored with numerous prestigious awards.

Now the laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including more than twenty PCs running under Linux and Windows, several serial and parallel robots, and robotic hands. At present, the scientific staff at lab includes: 10 researchers, 4 associate researchers, 1 postdoctoral Fellows, 13 Ph. D students and 20 M.D. students. The laboratory has close ties with foreign and domestic Partners, include Kagoshima University, Japan,Monash University, Australia. University of Ontario Institute of Technology Canada. University of science and technology of china,Hefei University of technology,Qingdao Technological University,Shenyang Institute of Physical Education.